new school, new perspective

It's been awhile. So I have quite a bit to talk about.

I started a new school on Tuesday, and truth be told, I love it. It was actually a very difficult decision to make: choosing whether or not I wanted to switch schools. In the end, after weighing the pros and cons, there were way more positives and I began on Tuesday in a school, knowing a total of about six people.

I've met some marvelous people, and the crazy thing is, I think I've talked to more people in three days here than I did in months at my old school. Clearly I've made the right decision. The problem with my other school was I already had a reputation. I couldn't just decide to one day start talking to more people and become more outgoing. Life doesn't work like that. I can do that here because no one knows me. No one knows anything about me, so I can just be myself, and that is the most wonderful thing about it. No more hiding and no more facading. I can just be myself without worrying what other people think because no one has these past memories of me hiding who I was behind this quiet mask of a skinny blonde wallflower. Here, I'm just Sophie, the new girl, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

Classes are perfect, new friends are perfect, and my life journey is going perfectly. I'm happier here than I ever was at the old one.

I'll leave you with an inspiring video that tells you to not be afraid of what others think, because all that matters is that you are happy. It's very Disney and cheesy, but it gets the message across, so that's all that matters. It still runs true.