bronchitis and the year is coming to a close/milestones

First things first: I have bronchitis. (this is the cue for somebody to say: "ain't nobody got time for that") I've officially had bronchitis for three weeks now, and I'm quite sick of it. The number of medications sitting on my portion of the counter in the bathroom has been steadily growing over the past few weeks. From the looks of things however, it looks like the virus is very slowly leaving me, which I am quite happy about since I've been sick for five weeks now.

It's exam week, so I really should be studying, but I don't have my first exam until Saturday morning, so I think I'll be okay. I'd much rather sit here writing while listening to artists with genius lyrics on Spotify.

Starting tomorrow morning, I have 5 days until I go home for the summer. Five. It's quite ridiculous actually how fast everything has gone. I feel like the school year has just started and it's insane that 8 months ago, I didn't know anyone here and now some of them are my best friends. Of course I'm looking forward to the summer at home. Of course I am. I will miss these girls though. We've already been through so much in the course of 8 months, and it's going to be weird not seeing them every day. I'll definitely miss them. The word bittersweet is really the best way to describe it.

Especially because I faced a huge milestone this year, and without these girls, I probably would have never done that. One of my closest friends here, who will be my roommate next year, shared a huge and personal story that she'd never told anyone before, and from there we were all in the room and sharing and I just felt super pulled to tell and I felt ready, which I didn't know if I'd ever be. But I was, and I told them my story about transferring schools and EVERYTHING that encompassed my life in high school, which I've never ever told anybody before, and it was just so great to have such support and such great friends that I felt comfortable telling this to since it was super personal and super scary. But it was a really good thing and probably one of the best nights of my life, to be completely honest. I felt more connected to all the girls and I understood them in ways I haven't been able to before, and our relationships grew loads that night and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm not going to tell that story here, for obvious reasons and because it's still something I'm dealing with and I'm not ready to tell the world, but you should know that had I not transferred schools, I really don't know where I would be right now. I certainly would not have gone to a christian college and I certainly would not have met these marvelous people that are now some of my best friends, and I don't even want to imagine not having met them since they've affected me in so many ways and have changed me for the better.

That is precisely why three months away is going to be very bittersweet.

And on that note, we will transition to what I've been listening to lately:

The ever-changing playlist

Shake it Out- Florence and the Machine
Never Let Me Go- Florence and the Machine
Car Radio- Twenty One Pilots
Holding Onto You- Twenty One Pilots
Migraine- Twenty One Pilots
Set Me on Fire- Bella Ferraro
Want U Back- Cher Lloyd (Boyce Avenue Cover version)
If You're Gone- Matchbox Twenty
Timshel- Mumford & Sons
Sigh No More- Mumford & Sons

I received a Twenty One Pilots cd as a gift from this years Cultural Discerners as we initiated the new leaders, and it's totally not my style of music, but I don't think I've ever been so blown away by song lyrics before in my life. It's incredible and I'm growing very attached.

And I'll leave you with these lyrics from Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons, and another from Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots because both sets of lyrics are quite genius.

Love; it will not betray you
Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be (Mumford & Sons)

There's faith and there's sleep
We need to pick one please because
Faith is to be awake
And to be awake is for us to think
And for us to think is to be alive
And I will try with every rhyme
To come across like I am dying
To let you know you need to try to think (Twenty One Pilots)

~Sophie Leigh

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