music nerd

so i have a lot of music to update on. i have so many music obsessions. this is not normal. but anyways, let's get cracking.

So Ariana Grande (from Victorious) had her first single out a few days ago, and I am in love. First off, I love the album cover. It's very 50's vintage looking, which I adore. It's called Put Your Hearts Up, and the name itself already kind of tells you what the song is about. It's really inspirational, and I just love it. I don't really know how to explain it, so just have a listen for yourself.

Lately I've needed some new music to listen to in journalism since we're at the computers everyday, so I was just browsing through youtube looking up random songs....when I came across this. I've heard her before, when she did a cover of Elton John's "Your Song", but I hadn't heard any of her originals or other songs before. I am in love. So without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Ellie Goulding. And along with this song, I also recommend her song, "The End", and her cover of "Nobody's Crying".

Thirdly, we have Lenka. Oh, Lenka. She is marvelous. I was bored one day and I had money left on my iTunes account, so I was browsing through some music and ended up buying one of her albums. Her voice is so unique, and I love it. This song isn't on that album, but once Christmas comes and I get all those iTunes cards I'm asking for, I am totally buying this one. It's great song. I present to you....Roll With The Punches. And this is an awesome video too. Stop motion is so cool.

so musically, I've been pretty busy. honors choir and all that. we had our Christmas concert last Wednesday, and we've been caroling a lot. i got out of classes for that, so i was definitely pleased with the caroling. i didn't even get that behind, so we're all good with missing school for caroling.

tomorrow is my last day of school until holiday break, and then i'll be off school for two weeks. :) almost there. 

so yeah. great conclusion i've created there.


songwriting, novels, and everything in between

today is an epic writing day. i just finished writing the song i've been trying to figure out for weeks. it's called "Too Wonderful To Waste". the bridge is done, and i was literally jumping for joy once i finished that. so pretty exciting.

i'm attempting to write a novel right now. i've spent weeks plotting and characterizing and whatnot, and i've just finished the very first chapter. of course i still have loads of editing to do, but its seven handwritten pages, so this is exciting too.

since today's blog is about writing, i might as well post this little thing about writing and stories i wrote a few months ago.

"Stories are pretty amazing if you think about it. They start with an idea. A itsy bitsy smidgen of an idea which eventually blooms into a full plan. Out of that plan erupts your characters and plots and conflicts...all the little individual seeds that contribute to the finished project. From those characters and plots and conflicts come your story. Your emotions and memories merge with the rest to create a masterpiece. Your story of you life and all the things you wish it could be, allowing yourself to write the book you want to read. To me, going from a seed to a tree is an amazing thing because strories are the same. One small idea leads up to the masterpiece that may change your life. So go on and think...tell your story."

and since i have to post a song after all my blogs, just because music is that important to me, here's Hunter Hayes, who's concert i went to last Thursday.

OH. and i cannot possibly forget "Are You Happy Now?" by Megan and Liz, the song that inspired my newly finished song.  and i cannot believe that i hadn't thought to post this song yet, since I've been listening to it non-stop since it came out.


driver's license=freedom

I've recieved my license at last. It feels so wonderful. It's like I can breathe finally. I really hated depending on people for rides, and now those days are over at last. I don't have to worry about a time limit after school, and I can just leave whenever I want without having to wait for others to give me a ride.

What have I been listening to in the car during my two days of driving alone? Adele and, laugh all you want, Lemonade Mouth. Oh, and speaking of Adele, you should definitely check out this cover by the wonderful Jennette McCurdy, who is a FANTASTIC vocalist as she covers Adele's Take It All.

As you can see, this blog is totally music oriented. If you don't like music, you might as well leave, because you probably won't enjoy my posts.

We're singing some lovely songs in Honors Choir as well. There's quite a few. "Homeland" is beautiful. "Amani" is fun. "Inscription of Hope" is uplifting. There's one more that I can't quite remember the name of. It's in Latin. "Ladaute Dominum" I believe it is called. It's a difficult piece, but it'll sound good once we figure out how to sing it.


new school, new perspective

It's been awhile. So I have quite a bit to talk about.

I started a new school on Tuesday, and truth be told, I love it. It was actually a very difficult decision to make: choosing whether or not I wanted to switch schools. In the end, after weighing the pros and cons, there were way more positives and I began on Tuesday in a school, knowing a total of about six people.

I've met some marvelous people, and the crazy thing is, I think I've talked to more people in three days here than I did in months at my old school. Clearly I've made the right decision. The problem with my other school was I already had a reputation. I couldn't just decide to one day start talking to more people and become more outgoing. Life doesn't work like that. I can do that here because no one knows me. No one knows anything about me, so I can just be myself, and that is the most wonderful thing about it. No more hiding and no more facading. I can just be myself without worrying what other people think because no one has these past memories of me hiding who I was behind this quiet mask of a skinny blonde wallflower. Here, I'm just Sophie, the new girl, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

Classes are perfect, new friends are perfect, and my life journey is going perfectly. I'm happier here than I ever was at the old one.

I'll leave you with an inspiring video that tells you to not be afraid of what others think, because all that matters is that you are happy. It's very Disney and cheesy, but it gets the message across, so that's all that matters. It still runs true.


Welcome to my blog. As a starter post, I thought it would be a good idea to show you a little bit of what I'm about. So perhaps some music sharing is a good start.

First, in honor of the VMA's that will be airing in a few hours, I will showcase the lovely and extremely talented Adele. Absolutely breathtaking music that has given me chills up my spine on multiple occasions. Here is a selection that I have taking a recent liking to, and now it's one of my favorites.

And second, we have a song that's been stuck in my head since they performed it at the Do Something Awards. Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

These are two totally different genres, but I have never been known for consistency in my music taste.