songwriting, novels, and everything in between

today is an epic writing day. i just finished writing the song i've been trying to figure out for weeks. it's called "Too Wonderful To Waste". the bridge is done, and i was literally jumping for joy once i finished that. so pretty exciting.

i'm attempting to write a novel right now. i've spent weeks plotting and characterizing and whatnot, and i've just finished the very first chapter. of course i still have loads of editing to do, but its seven handwritten pages, so this is exciting too.

since today's blog is about writing, i might as well post this little thing about writing and stories i wrote a few months ago.

"Stories are pretty amazing if you think about it. They start with an idea. A itsy bitsy smidgen of an idea which eventually blooms into a full plan. Out of that plan erupts your characters and plots and conflicts...all the little individual seeds that contribute to the finished project. From those characters and plots and conflicts come your story. Your emotions and memories merge with the rest to create a masterpiece. Your story of you life and all the things you wish it could be, allowing yourself to write the book you want to read. To me, going from a seed to a tree is an amazing thing because strories are the same. One small idea leads up to the masterpiece that may change your life. So go on and think...tell your story."

and since i have to post a song after all my blogs, just because music is that important to me, here's Hunter Hayes, who's concert i went to last Thursday.

OH. and i cannot possibly forget "Are You Happy Now?" by Megan and Liz, the song that inspired my newly finished song.  and i cannot believe that i hadn't thought to post this song yet, since I've been listening to it non-stop since it came out.

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