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so i have a lot of music to update on. i have so many music obsessions. this is not normal. but anyways, let's get cracking.

So Ariana Grande (from Victorious) had her first single out a few days ago, and I am in love. First off, I love the album cover. It's very 50's vintage looking, which I adore. It's called Put Your Hearts Up, and the name itself already kind of tells you what the song is about. It's really inspirational, and I just love it. I don't really know how to explain it, so just have a listen for yourself.

Lately I've needed some new music to listen to in journalism since we're at the computers everyday, so I was just browsing through youtube looking up random songs....when I came across this. I've heard her before, when she did a cover of Elton John's "Your Song", but I hadn't heard any of her originals or other songs before. I am in love. So without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Ellie Goulding. And along with this song, I also recommend her song, "The End", and her cover of "Nobody's Crying".

Thirdly, we have Lenka. Oh, Lenka. She is marvelous. I was bored one day and I had money left on my iTunes account, so I was browsing through some music and ended up buying one of her albums. Her voice is so unique, and I love it. This song isn't on that album, but once Christmas comes and I get all those iTunes cards I'm asking for, I am totally buying this one. It's great song. I present to you....Roll With The Punches. And this is an awesome video too. Stop motion is so cool.

so musically, I've been pretty busy. honors choir and all that. we had our Christmas concert last Wednesday, and we've been caroling a lot. i got out of classes for that, so i was definitely pleased with the caroling. i didn't even get that behind, so we're all good with missing school for caroling.

tomorrow is my last day of school until holiday break, and then i'll be off school for two weeks. :) almost there. 

so yeah. great conclusion i've created there.

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