I just realized that I have the most random music taste ever. Some of them are so old school and nobody has every heard of them. Like, when people ask me what kind of music I like I don't even know how to respond. Some examples....

Long Night By the Corrs

I'm Not So Tough by Ilse DeLange

(I mean, a Dutch artist? Where did that even come from?)

So my life... I guess I can talk about that.

We're doing Anything Goes for this year's musical, and it is going spectacular. We had a three and a half hour dance rehearsal today.
Solo & Ensemble was a few weeks ago and I made it to State, so that's pretty exciting. :)

That's really all. My life isn't all that exciting right now. So I suppose I will just leave you will another song that I really like. Oh yes, almost forgot. I'm really loving Kate Voegele right now. I've known who she is for awhile, but I just recently discovered her 2011 album, which is only on iTunes and is not in stores. So here is one of her masterpieces. And I adore the entire album. But here is one of favorites.

Gravity Happens by Kate Voegele.

Chao. :)


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