High School Blues

Hello friends. I'm back. So I just wanted to talk about some more music obsessions. Like usual. But first, lets talk about high school. I'm a senior. It is ridiculous how close I am to being finished with school. Sixteen days left. Sixteen days until I am finished. Forever. This year went by so fast. I arrived at this school at the beginning of the year after twelve years in a different school system, and it was the best decision I ever made. The bad thing about that is that while everyone else is suffering from senioritis and can't wait to leave, I feel like I just got here. I haven't had enough time with everyone. Its kind of odd when you look at that. A senior that isn't so sure she wants to leave quite yet.
I'm not going to get too sentimental on you yet. I still have some time left and I'm going to use that all to my advantage. And like always, I'll leave you with some music that's on my mind.

For some really weird reason, I've recently (and by recently, I mean in the past two days) become obsessed with Adele's first album. I found it sitting in my car, so I decided to pop it in the stereo, and I'm kind of hooked. It's a lot more chill sounding than "21" is, and I kind of like the vibe. It's relaxing, and since there is no hope on me belting out Someone Like You and sounding half as decent as Adele, I can somewhat sing some of these without murdering my vocal chords. Always a good thing. Oh, and this one is called "Melt My Heart to Stone". I like it.

Also, I've gotten increasingly obsessed with the Civil Wars. While I'm not a huge country fan,  I still love them. Though I think I would categorize this more as bluegrass. And I must warn you, the harmonies are absolutely stunning. And the lyrics are stellar. So just have a listen. :)

Have a lovely day! ~Sophie

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