faith and taking steps

on Sunday and Monday, the seniors got to lead the church service, which was really cool and I had a great time. Ever since then, I've had worship songs stuck in my head, which is so good for me since that doesn't usually happen. That was a big step for me. My faith has been a bit shaky for the past few years, but this year its come back stronger then ever, and I have to thank my friends at my school for that. Without them, I'm not really sure how I'd be right now. So thank you. :)

So I'm kind of switching up my genres right now and showcasing some things that I don't usually share. My friends have me listening to WayFM and everything and now I am hooked on Christian rock, which has never appealed to me until my faith started growing and youth group ended. But now that I've taken a listen, I love it and I don't know why I didn't like it before. I think the whole faith thing just kind of scared me. But now I'm back in my faith and stronger than ever, so just take a listen if you'd like.

Super powerful song right here. You Won't Relent. I love it so much and its been in my head since Thursday's rehearsal.

And we didn't sing this one, but I sang this the last time I was in the worship band for the regular church service, and its been in my head all day. Break Every Chain. I seriously have at least five songs in my head at the same time right now and I don't know which one to listen to.

I feel so blessed right now. It is incredible.


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