a world of hatred vs random acts of kindness

I want to apologize in advance for the intensity of this post. But...

The inhumanity of some people is unbelievable. That shooting in Colorado. In a movie theatre of all places. A movie theatre, really? We can't even go to a movie anymore without having to worry about our safety? It's absolutely ridiculous. Some people are so cruel. It's really sad actually. And even things on twitter and other internet sites...the negativity and the cruelty is ridiculous. That is why I've made it my goal to make people smile. Negativity is everywhere, and I want to be one of those people that can cancel out that negativity. I want to be a good influence and an encourager in a world of negativity and hatred. I've always been a positive person and I know that is one of my strengths, so I want to use that to my advantage and influence people with strength.

I saw a post on twitter a few days ago-multiple posts actually- about people who have committed suicide because they were bullied to such an extreme. While this is nothing new, it just really hit me this time. And then a certain post spoke the words that summed everything up perfectly.

 "Nobody knows just how much words can hurt. STOP BULLYING. How many deaths do we need until people get it?"

That was the line that got me. People are dying and killing themselves because they don't feel loved. And it happens all the time, which is no small tragedy. That is absolutely unacceptable. The world doesn't see that as a problem? People are killing themselves, and yet people still don't get that bullying is a serious problem. That's is exactly what is wrong with the world. People just still don't get it.

And this is exactly why I've made my goal to make people smile and to make people feel loved. I want the bullying thing not to exist. And while I can't prevent it all on my own, I can help. I really wish I could give a hug to everybody who feels unloved. While I can't realistically do that,  I can give love and compliments and positivity to those I do come in contact with and that alone can make a difference. It's all about random acts of kindness. You don't know people's stories. As far as you know, someone could be contemplating suicide and by talking to them kindly and being friendly, you may save their life.  You never know. What you say can make or break a day. And I don't know about you, but knowing that I made someone's day better totally makes my day. And saving a life.... if that doesn't make your day, nothing can.

So in conclusion, be kind to everyone because you never know how much of a difference you can make in someone's life just by participating in random acts of kindness and by being a friend.

And now for the weekly (monthly...now, by the look of it.) songs.


(To go with the theme of today's post. Just a few lines that totally relate to the whole message. "When every other light goes out, to shine for you's my specialty." "And you know I'll be your friend even when its not the trend." That's what it is all about. Being a friend even when the whole world is thinking otherwise. And I understand that this is Nickelodon, but don't judge. I'm still a child at heart.)

 More Nickelodon. Figures.

And two by Ariana Grande (who is on Nickelodeon.) Anyone sensing a trend here?

Hey, look at this. Ed Sheeran. NOT Nickelodeon. That's new.

Anything else? No. Good. Don't want to overload you on songs. But I'm obsessed with music, so that's just how life works for me. I have too many songs on my mind that I need to share.

Please take my message to heart. Random acts of kindness can save a life. So go do good.

~Sophie Leigh

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