Olympic pride meets too much genius

Its that time of the month again....blogging time!

So what's been up with me? I had college orientation and I just received my schedule for school. Yikes. Makes everything seem a bit more real.

Usually I don't include videos other than music, but watching the Olympics has changed that. Olympic gymnastics, to be more specific. I don't know whether or not you follow the U.S. team, but I sure do and I can't contain myself. If you do follow U.S. gymnastics, I think you know what I'm going to talk about. McKayla Maroney's vault. It was days ago and I'm still not over that. Somehow the judges managed to deduct points from this, but I'm really not sure how. It was utter flawlessness. Just take a look at this sheer perfection.

I've been inspired to write again, but whenever I actually have inspiration, I have no idea what to write and everything turns out junky. And I have about five story ideas right now and I'm currently working on two, but I don't have time for this. New ideas for new stories need to stop popping into my head.  Welcome to the life of a writer.

I've decided to change things up a bit. Instead of including the music right here, I'm just going to give a list of the music that I've been listening to lately, and if you feel up to it, give them a listen.

The Ever-changing Playlist

World's Gunna End- Megan and Liz

Bad for Me- Megan and Liz (The song that is on the new Macy's commercial! Yay, they've come so far. I feel like a proud mama.)

Sort Of- Ingrid Michaelson

Carry On- Fun.

Ed Sheeran- Wake Me Up (his lyrics are heavenly)

The Bird and the Worm- Owl City

And speaking of music, I have some spectacular news that has to do with me, three amazing musical groups/singers, and concerts. Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Fun. will be having concerts at my school this year. The best part is that tickets are 20 dollars or less. YES. Life really doesn't get better than that.

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