driver's license=freedom

I've recieved my license at last. It feels so wonderful. It's like I can breathe finally. I really hated depending on people for rides, and now those days are over at last. I don't have to worry about a time limit after school, and I can just leave whenever I want without having to wait for others to give me a ride.

What have I been listening to in the car during my two days of driving alone? Adele and, laugh all you want, Lemonade Mouth. Oh, and speaking of Adele, you should definitely check out this cover by the wonderful Jennette McCurdy, who is a FANTASTIC vocalist as she covers Adele's Take It All.

As you can see, this blog is totally music oriented. If you don't like music, you might as well leave, because you probably won't enjoy my posts.

We're singing some lovely songs in Honors Choir as well. There's quite a few. "Homeland" is beautiful. "Amani" is fun. "Inscription of Hope" is uplifting. There's one more that I can't quite remember the name of. It's in Latin. "Ladaute Dominum" I believe it is called. It's a difficult piece, but it'll sound good once we figure out how to sing it.

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