College: The First Month

Considering that I didn't have any classes until 12:30 today, I had a little time, so I thought I should talk about school. More specifically, I thought I should talk about college.

I have been in school for nearly a month now. This is absolute craziness. It feels like I was just a terrified senior at my new school, and now I'm a freshman at my new school, but strangely not quite as terrified, considering the thought that this is college, and not just high school anymore. I find it odd that I'm not scared. Maybe the fact that my house is only 30 minutes away is some comfort. I'm not really sure where all that unexpected bravery came from, but I'm glad that I have it.

To put it briefly, or not so briefly, knowing me and my ability to write far more than necessary, I love college. Even though I'm barely a month in, I know I chose the right school, which is ridiculously calming. I love the fact that this is a christian school. It makes things a little less scary, and it makes me feel safer knowing that most of the people here share similar morals. I love the size of this school. Only 4000 students, and the campus is small enough that I won't get lost. Especially for me, someone known to be directionally challenged and someone who has the capability of getting lost very easily, this is important.

And now we approach a subject that is a little deeper. Friends. In my first three years of high school, I was pretty lacking in the friends department, which is pretty much the reason I transferred for senior year. Now in senior year, at my new school, I got pretty close to some people, and honestly, I got closer to them within a year than I had in numerous years at my other school. I think that says something about the quality of friends we are talking about here. So how does this relate to college? I think one of my fears about coming to college was not being able to make solid friends, along with not being able to keep the friendships I already have because of long-distance (even though it's really not that long. I live half an hour away from my school).  I already had to start over at my new school in making friends and starting fresh, so would I really be able to do that again, after only a year of knowing these people? While I do still keep in touch with one of my close friends; texting and keeping up to date via facebook, twitter, and instagram, college is a place for new relationships. I'm not anywhere near willing to let my current relationships die, but college is a place for new relationships, so it's important not to hold onto those current ones so tight that you don't open up space for new people.

Even though college is giving me amazing opportunities for new friendships, the high school ones are important as well. I apologize in advance for this photo bomb. I couldn't choose just one photo to showcase my spectacular senior year.

I think the thing that makes me happiest about college is that I do have friends here, which amazes me. Not even a month in, and I have friends that I feel comfortable with, which is pretty big for me since I'm pretty quiet and uncomfortable around people if I don't know them well.

This is us. Me, Abby, and Christine. These are the girls that I already have become friends with and have become close with, even with not even a month into college. I feel so blessed to have met them. I also had to include a photo of dorm retreat because it was super fun and I love the girls on my floor.

Another exciting thing about college? Activities. And namely, dance guild. I have always loved dancing, but I never really got the chance to participate in it because I am not particularly good since I haven't actually had a dance lesson since I was 5, so that really hasn't given me a chance to improve. I mean, I've done musical theatre, which does include dancing, and I love it. So the fact that I get to participate in dance without having to be fabulous at it makes me so happy. I am doing Lyrical Dance Guild, which is definitely my forte. It reminds me of musical theatre along with dancing, so that is just the icing on the cake to my college experience.

Wow, I'm sorry. I talk a lot. At least you got pictures this time. That's an improvement.

The Ever-changing Playlist

Give Me Love/Parting Glass- Ed Sheeran

Ronan- Taylor Swift

Begin Again- Taylor Swift

You'll Be in My Heart- Tarzan (I like Disney, okay?)

I See the Light- Tangled

A Beautiful Mess- Jason Mraz 

Ain't it Good- Children of Eden ( I did this musical in 2010. Not really sure how this popped into my head right now.)

The Chain- Ingrid Michaelson (Speaking of which, I am going to her concert on October 1st. I am muy excited. Muy means "very" in Spanish, in case you didn't know.)

All in all, college is going very well. :) It's a lot of work, but I love it.

~Sophie Leigh

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